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Dr. Zihui (Hebe) Lin, Owner, Veterinarian

Raised in Qingdao, China, Dr. Lin harbored an enduring passion for veterinary care and a commitment to delivering exceptional services to beloved pets.

Upon her graduation from Iowa State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Honor Degree in Animal Science, she embarked on a path of professional advancement by pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the esteemed Western College of Veterinary Medicine, and graduated in 2018. With a wealth of experience in the breeding of Border Collies, Dr. Lin aspires to offer specialized reproduction services to ethical breeders while fostering a dependable and compassionate rapport between clients and their trusted family veterinarian, all in the best interest of their beloved pets.

Fluently bilingual in English and Mandarin, Dr. Lin’s exceptional language skills enhance her ability to communicate effectively with our diverse clientele. Beyond her professional commitments, she nurtures a passion for dog shows, relishes the thrill of snowboarding, embraces the joys of travel, and cherishes time spent with friends. Her unwavering dedication to expanding her knowledge base underscores her commitment to providing the highest level of care and expertise in the field of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Wendy Wang, Co-Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Wendy Wang was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Vancouver with her family in 1998. It has been her childhood dream to become a veterinarian. Dr. Wang studied at UBC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Biology; and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in 2016.

Dr Wang is fluent in Mandarin and English and is trying to get better at Cantonese. She has a special interest in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and food therapy. She is also a frequent guest on FM96.1 Chinese radio, Fairchild TV, and various live broadcast platforms.

Dr. Wang has an exotic shorthair named Lebron. In addition to being a cat lady, Dr. Wang is also a foodie and a bubble tea fan. Together with Dr. Lin, we strive to establish a reliable, caring, and professional environment to take care of our beloved pet patients at E.P.I.C. Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Irene Kong, Veterinarian

Dr. Irene Kong grew up in a pharmaceutical family in Vancouver and studied Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University. She travelled to Australia in 2016 to pursue a veterinary medicine degree and graduated with honours from The University of Queensland. Before studying in Australia, she had already volunteered and shadowed at various veterinary clinics throughout the lower mainland.

Dr. Kong shares her household with Simba, a gentle sweet yellow Labrador Retriever who loves trail walking and hiking. Dr. Kong enjoys watching movies and TV shows with Simba in her spare time.

Dr. Kong is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Veterinary Office Assistant

Amelia Cheung

Veterinary Office Assistant

John Chia

Veterinary Office Assistant

Meilin Lin

Veterinary Office Assistant

Charlotte Chen

Registered Veterinary Technician

Nicole Chan


Annual Exam

Yearly check up for our pets is very important for prevention and early detection of disease and injuries. Our medical team will examine and evaluate overall health and different bodily systems of our patients and help with questions and concerns owners have.

Allergy Management

Three most common categories of allergy for pets are: Food, environment, and fleas. Symptoms can often include recurring itchy skin and ears, frequent diarrhea and/or vomiting, intermittent watery eyes and nose. By identifying the cause(s) of allergy we can prevent allergens from causing discomfort for our animals.

Dental Cleaning and Extraction

It is often a struggle between owners and their pets to brush their teeth daily, but poor dental health not only causes infection and inflammation of the gums and teeth, pain, poor appetite and weight loss, but damage to your pet’s heart, kidney, and liver health. Dental cleaning and extraction of pathological teeth prolongs the lifespan of our pets.

Vaccination, Deworming, Flea/Tick Preventative

Prevention of many highly infections and or deadly diseases can be done by keeping your pet on a punctual vaccination schedule. Internal parasites that can cause damage to the digestive system, heart, and or lungs, as well as external parasites that can cause allergy and or transmit diseases should also be prevented as recommended by our medical team.


Pets can have eye infection, eye injury/ulcers,  cataracts, abnormally high eye pressure, blindness, red and itchy and watery eyes just like humans, and these often need to be addressed sooner rather than later as eye diseases can often progress very quickly and severely.

Canine Reproductive Service

We are providing pre-breeding exams, OFA certification, ovulation timing, vaginal artificial insemination, pregnancy ultrasound/radiograph and Cesarean Section.


If your pet is constantly scratching, shaking his/her head, has lumps and bumps and/or red skin/ear on his/her body, these symptoms indicate that your pet has concerning skin problems that could be infection, parasites, and sometimes even cancer, that we can help diagnose and treat.

Spay & Neuter

Surgical removal of reproductive organs are scientifically proven to prevent accidental unwanted pregnancy, and prevention of many related diseases and cancer.  Please consult us for the appropriate age of spay/neuter depending on the breed and health status of your pet.


  • Diagnostics
  • Cystotomy
  • Endoscopy
  • Gastroenterostomy
  • Tumor Removal

Blood tests and Urinalysis
These easy to obtain tests with rapid results can often given owners an overview of their pets’ general health: can include but not restricted to information on white and red blood cells, platelets, kidney and liver values, electrolytes, bacteria or crystals in urinary tract. Doing a blood test before going into anesthesia and surgical procedures also allow us to assess risk factors for our patients.

Digital Radiography
Digital x-rays allow the assessment of broken bones or growth on bones, changes in the lungs and heart, brief overview of abnormal abdominal organs, and number of fetus in the late stages of pregnancy. These images can be easily sent to owners and other specialists for further necessary evaluation.

Digital Dental Radiograph
Dental x-ray allow us to assess the “root” of the problem and whether a sick tooth is needed and can be extracted. Keeping a digital record of your pets’ yearly dental procedures help our medical team and the owner better plan how to prevent periodontal disease from progressing.

Fecal Examination
Bi-annual Evaluation of our pets’ poop can give us information about presence of internal parasites and giardia (a microorganism that causes diarrhea and can be transmitted to owners) as well as diarrhea causing bacteria and viruses.

Ultrasound is a very helpful imaging diagnostic technique that allows assessment of masses and/or soft tissue organs in the abdomen and the structure and function of the heart for pets that are suspected with related diseases.


Urinary stones and/or abnormal masses may need to be surgically removed from the bladder when it is causing blockage and/or infection in your pet.


When there are masses or foreign bodies stuck in narrow tubes in the body (e.g. upper nose, esophagus and stomach), our medical team can anesthetize our patients and reach into those areas to visually assess and retrieve the object and or collect a sample.


When there are foreign bodies or masses stuck in the intestinal system, our patients are anesthetized as we surgically remove the object or mass.

Tumor Removal

When abnormal lumps and bumps are seen and felt on our pets and has the nature being fast growing, irritating, and/or affecting other bodily functions, our medical team will first collect a sample and then surgically remove the mass and send out to pathologists to assess whether this growth is cancerous or not and further devise necessary treatment plans.

  • Pocket Pet Examinations & Treatment
  • Weight management/Nutrition
  • Pet Supplement and Prescription Diet
  • Pet Export and Import
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
Pocket Pet Examinations & Treatment

Guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and mice are also furry friends that our medication team provide check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, dental work, neuter/spay, and diagnosis and treatment of sicknesses for.

Weight management/Nutrition

An overly thin pet is often caused by malnutrition, poor absorption of nutrients, parasites, endocrine diseases, or sometimes cancer, whereas overly fat pets are more prone to arthritis, diabetes mellitus, urinary infection; if your pet gains/loses more than 10% weight within 3 months, their health status is recommended to be checked up.

Pet Supplement and Prescription Diet

Medical grade supplements with proven clinical studies and prescription diets used for diagnostics and or treatment of different diseases can be purchased based on health status and medical needs of your pets.

Pet Export and Import

Our medical team is experienced with providing necessary vaccines, bloodwork, microchip, deworming, and CFIA documentation so owners can take their pets to travel with them to different countries.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine treats our pets through acupuncture for chronic illnesses and pain and long term herbal medicine intake for health maintenance. In combination with western veterinary medicine’s diagnostics and treatments, our medical treat strives to focus on preventative care and wellness of our patients.


Service Provided

Daily health checkup, can provide medical care upon request

Cat Boarding

Our medical team provides thorough care for our cats boarding at our facility with twice a day health checks by medical professionals, separation based on stress levels and health status. Medication administration and other extra care procedures can be provided upon request.

Boarding Info

Check In time: 1-5pm, Check Out Time: 8-11am during business hours
Owners need to bring own food and litters to avoid GI upset due to switch food and minimize their stress.
All cats board inside E.P.I.C. Veterinary Hospital must have current vaccinations and flea prevention.
All first time boarders must be registered and examined by our veterinarians in order to use our boarding service.
We require a 3 night non-refundable deposit on confirmation of reservation.
***Minimal 3 nights per booking is required for Cat Hotel Boarding***

Boarding rates*

  • Single Cat Suite: $35/night
  • Deluxe Cat Suite: $50/night
  • *Holidays and Sundays Surcharge: $15/night
  • *Excludes medication administration fee
  • For Boarding over 10 days, 10% discount applies
  • For Boarding over 30 days, 15% discount applies

Online Store

We provide prescription food, treats, toys directly ship to your home with flat fee $9.99. Or you can reserve online and curbside pickup in store later.

Visit Online Store


New Client Registration Form

You may print this form and bring it with you or fill out one when you arrive at our office.


Scratched or Bit by Pet

Owners often worry that they may contract infectious diseases when accidentally scratched or bit by their pets. Scratches and minor bite wounds can often be treated at home with some polysporin ,but a deep cat bite that is swollen, painful and with pus may need a visit to the hospital for antibiotics.


Some common reasons for limping may be genetic abnormalities, overuse of muscles, ligament tear, broken bones, arthritis or even bone cancer. If limping doesn’t resolve after a few days of rest and is obviously very painful, medical attention and an x-ray is strongly recommended.


Itchiness can be the result of skin allergy, external parasites, bacteria or yeast infections, wounds or even cancer. There are often lesions or redness accompanying itchiness and should be resolved medically to relieve your pet of discomfort.

Poor Energy

Owners are most able to notice any changes in the energy of their animals, if it is lower than normal and not returned from resting for 1-2 days, this can be caused by pain, endocrine diseases, heart issues, heat stroke, liver or kidney failure, and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Poor Appetite

Some reasons for poor appetite may be your pet being a picky eater, teeth and gum infection, food allergy, stomach inflammation, or other systemic issues such as liver or kidney disease. If your pet also has weight loss, pain around the mouth area, poor energy, then likely the poor appetite is from more serious reasons and should be medically addressed.


In general, baby animals need a series of vaccinations and booster shots to ensure there are enough protective antibodies to prevent infectious and or deadly diseases. Then as they become adults, different vaccinations have different schedules and some are legally required while others may be given based on the pet’s lifestyle. It is best to consult with us.


When your pet is having abnormal softness, colour, and frequency of feces, the reasons can range from eating food he/she shouldn’t have, internal parasites, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, to something more serious like foreign body obstruction or pancreatitis. If your pet is also having poor energy, blood in the feces, or also vomiting, more immediate medical attention is required.

  • How much do you charge for an Office Visit?
  • My pet probably needs a Dental Procedure. What do you charge for a Dental?
  • What should I expect in an appointment?
  • Should I bring anything to my appointment?
  • How often should my pets be dewormed?
  • I hear so much about Tick prevention. What do you think I should do?
  • When do you do surgery?
  • What do I expect for the surgery day?
  • Do you board animals at your facility?
  • How do I get to you? Where can I park?
How much do you charge for an Office Visit?

Upon every exam (annual wellness, vaccination, or sickness) we have a standard office examination fee of $90, if it is for the same condition within 30 days, we have a recheck fee of $60. Office visit fees are subject to change, please call or visit us if you have any additional questions.

My pet probably needs a Dental Procedure. What do you charge for a Dental?

Charges for a dental procedure depends on the oral health and how diseased the teeth and gums are, a proper dental exam is needed and we can give your pet an estimate for the dental cleaning, necessary extractions, and pain medications and antibiotics.

What should I expect in an appointment?

During your pet’s appointment, we will have our vet assistants take weight and vitals of your pet and ask for a brief medical history. Then the vet will give your pet a full examination to assess for overall health. Additional diagnostics and treatments needed will be discussed.

Should I bring anything to my appointment?

Days prior to the appointment, if you have any previous medical records from other animal hospitals or if you want us to retrieve them and keep them in your files, just provide us with your information and we can do that for you. Any vaccination records from before or if owners have other objects of concern (eg. Current diet, current medications, current supplements) they want to ask about, please feel free to bring those. If additional procedures such as blood or urine collection is scheduled, we will remind you with what to do prior.

How often should my pets be dewormed?

Deworming of internal parasites is recommended to be done three times for baby animals then every three months for adults according to the vet association’s health experts. But depending on the age, diet, lifestyle and health status of your pet, a plan should be discussed with us. Also, internal deworming products are prescription medications and are dosed by the weight and condition of each pet, for safety and effectiveness, it is strongly recommended that owners don’t purchase these from non-veterinary retail.

I hear so much about Tick prevention. What do you think I should do?

Tick is a blood sucking parasite that can transmit lots of serious diseases, including zoonotic Lyme disease. Ticks are most of the found on trees and on the ground. An effective way to prevent ticks is regular tick prevention products, there are safe and effective oral and topical products that can be discussed with your pet’s vets.

When do you do surgery?

We mostly perform fully anaesthetized surgical procedures in the morning of weekdays so that our patients can take the rest of the afternoon recovering from anaesthesia and resting before going home to their owners.

What do I expect for the surgery day?

We will prescribe an antinausea/anti-vomiting medication the day before surgery. You will give the pill to your pet the night before surgery with his/her dinner. No food or water are allowed after midnight. On the day of surgery, please drop him/her off at 8am. We will perform pre-anesthetic blood tests to minimize the risk under general anesthesia. After the surgery, your pet will be monitored by our technician until fully awake prior to discharge. We will provide you with home care instruction when your pet is discharged.

Do you board animals at your facility?

Yes we are currently offering cat boarding. All of boarded animals will be monitored regularly by our professional health team. Pets that require additional medical attention and extra daily care can be discussed with us.

How do I get to you? Where can I park?

Please refer to our address under the contact tab on our website to find us. Underground parking is available in the building.

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