Canine Reproductive Services

Eastern Pet Integrative Care Veterinary Hospital provides canine reproductive services with Dr. Hebe Lin. We are providing pre-breeding exams, OFA certification, ovulation timing, artificial insemination, semen evaluation and frozen semen storage, pregnancy ultrasound/radiograph and Cesarean Section.

**All dogs are required to be health tested per their breed club recommendations prior to breeding. Please see for recommended tests based on breed.

Pre-Breeding Exam:
We offer OFA certifications, including Hip and Elbow Radiograph, Echocardiogram and Thyroid evaluation.

In house Progesterone Test:
We interpret progesterone level and determine when is the best time for breeding and best time for C-section. We invested in a brand new MiniVidas Progesterone Machine for precise and timely results.

Artificial Insemination:
We offer ovulation timing and TCI (trans-cervical insemination) or Trans-Vaginal insemination based on the type of semen used (Fresh/Chilled/Frozen).

Semen evaluation and Frozen semen storage:
We evaluate semen, prepare chilled semen shipment and long term frozen semen storage.

Pregnancy Ultrasound and Radiograph:
Ultrasound can be used to confirm pregnancy as early as 4 weeks pregnancy. Radiograph can be used to provide accurate puppy count.

Planned Cesarean sections and whelping:
We offer planned C-section as some breeds are prone to difficult labor.

Please email Dr. Lin at [email protected] for inquiries.

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